Faith forever is the 100% Possibility Technology that is 100% Fail proof. Even with Nigeria in mind, we must realize that the greatest civilizations that ever existed were products of Faith ventures. Men who, despite all natural odds and impossibilites of their times, held on to Faith and hence facilitated the emergence of an advanced future that we now live in today.

Today, whether it is for Governance, business, entertainment, we must rely entirely on Faith to create that Future that encapsulates ALL of God’s best for our times and the generation of tomorrow. I know of a truth that faith is purely a Spiritual phenomenon with physical impacts. It is why men of Faith have constantly been able to change the course of things on this physical reality over the past centuries.

It is in lieu of this and more that I recommend that you join Pastor Dele Osunmakinde at the Faith Seminar as he teaches how we should give Faith an executive expression in a world in dire need.

Sunday November 25th 2012, Nicon Hotels VGC Lekki by 5:00pm

Sunday December 2nd 2012, Etal Hall by NNPC/John Holt Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos by 5:00pm


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