“it was about 2am and my eyes were heavy, my limbs weak and my arms lacked strength, sleep was beckoning on me; after all the Lord gives His beloved good sleep…but the work left undone was much. Well, I thought….I could do it later…just then, He appeared and looked at me sternly and He said “Get up and do it or else, I’ll die!” He was my tomorrow!”


Well, it didn’t literally happen like that, it was only a figment of my imagination but it really served its purpose. Mid last year, I wrote a letter to myself and I post dated it. I wrote from the future and in the letter, I narrated to myself how successful I  had become in all I had done and I also took some lines to explain how those little things I did to improve my character paid out for me eventually. What I did was to create a picture of the kind of person I wanted to become in the nearest future and at the same time spell out my responsibilities to achieve it.


I have realized that our visions are mental videos of who we intend to be or what we intend to do in the nearest future but the thing is that…we’ve got to ACT is out. A friend of mine once said “if you want to know about your past, analyze your present situation, if you want look into your future, analyze your present ACTIONS!”


Our actions breach the gap between our ideas just being ideas and their manifestations and the interesting thing is that ideas grow. The more we manifest them by our actions, the more they expand. Why? You see, the more you realize your ideas/dreams, more room is created for fresh ideas that will either improve on the previous or bring into reality new concepts and forever change the way people think and perceive things. But you must not fail to act, firstly draw up a plan of little things that you will begin to do to achieve the bigger objective. The little things make up the big thing!

Secondly, at one point or the other in the course of your actions, you will realize that you will have to take a major step in which you’re not sure if you’re ready for that kind of a commitment to pursuing that vision. The important thing here is…DO NOT FEAR!!! Critically analyze the odds and simply take a bold step. A road uphill is wearisome, but when you get higher up, you’ll be able to see farther.


Thirdly be consistent. Achieve success daily by meeting set targets. Every so called major success is a culmination of success in the small things. An athlete who wins the pentathlon was probably successful at embarking on his early morning jogs on a daily basis. Consistency is the trademark of any successful brand. Even when you don’t feel like doing it, just do it!!! It will save your future.


Fourthly, don’t “compete” with others. You must realize that you are an original and you have a unique flavour in which others wish to appreciate. In some circumstances, being competitive will lead you to living in someone else’s’ world and I bet you, you can’t be better in his own world! Find your own strengths and major on them!


Lastly, learn to network! Meet people. Often times, 90% of the work in fulfilling your vision will be done by other people other than you. Help other people to find their vision in yours. Accept their strengths in areas where you are weak and learn to harness them to achieve your vision.


On times when the task will seem just undoable, find comfort in knowing that with every task you complete, with every page of book you flip over, with every proposal you write, with every candle you burn, you’ve just moved a step closer in fulfilling your vision. If probably you’ve once started and somewhere along the line you lost it…my word to you is simple, MOVE ON! Don’t try to start again; you’ll probably be living in the past again. Pick up from where you stopped. Don’t spend time fixing your eyes on the damage that has been done, rather concentrate on the possibilities of what can be achieved.


The more you don’t work (by taking actions) towards making our visions/ideas come true, the more they dwindle till they eventually fade away. Failure to act is failure to have a future. The world will not celebrate people who intended to do something but rather those who did! Get your ideas out of your mind and into your hands and then change the world!


As an advice, I’d ask you to write a letter to yourself from the future as I did. Let it tell of all the good things you’ve achieved and how you came about them, then keep the letter. Also create in your mind a picture of who you’ll like to be and whenever you’re about to compromise, bear him in mind and try to imagine what He’ll be saying to you.


If Nigeria is to be what we desire, your dream must come true! I am counting on you and so are 140 million other Nigerians.



3 Responses to Becoming You

  1. Jaachi says:

    Hello and if you ever see this: I stopped by today. This is AMAZING! I read through your posts and this is my fav! Thanks so much for writing and thanks for Loving and believing in Nigeria. (And yes. When I can, I’ll write a letter to the ‘now’ me from the ‘future’ me).

    • dewunmi says:

      It’s a privilege. The only constant thing with us must be PROGRESS. Go ahead, write that letter. You will be glad you did.

      You are blessed!

  2. Jaachi says:

    Hello and if you ever see this: I stopped by today. This is AMAZING! I read through your posts and this is my fav! Thanks so much for writing and thanks for Loving and believing in Nigeria. (And yes. When I can, I’ll write a letter to the me from the future.)

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